La Mujer

La Mujer (2023) - $5000

“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. - Oscar Wilde

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
36” width x 36” height x 1.5” depth
Matte Surface

La Mujer is about the story of womanhood – past and future.  The painting is influenced by a portrait of the artist’s Mexican grandmother in her early 20s, Edwardian portraiture, Mexican muralism, and futurism. La Mujer (the woman) looks at her viewer with all the confidence and beauty of early womanhood.  She stands in front of a cyber desert landscape, her hat referencing both Catholic halos and sci-fi fantasy.  It is as if she is telling the viewer that she knows the way to the future – past legend, lore, religion and other old narratives.

*This work is one of a kind. However, the artist reserves the right to make limited editions or designs in the future based on a digital copy of the work.

La Mujer was part of a 2023 Dia de Los Muertos altar dedicated to the artist’s grandmother, Gabina Frausto Ortega de Enriquez.  Gabina was born in 1914 in Jerez, Zacatecas, Mexico – during the heart of the Mexican Revolution.  The war left her orphaned as a toddler.  She married in her teens and raised 12 children on a humble farm.  Two of her daughters died during childbirth, and she took over parenting her grandchildren.  During her 107 years of life, her world was uncertain during two World Wars, the Great Depression, and ongoing struggles for equality.  These uncertainties parallel what we see in the headlines today.

Gabina watched as, gradually, all of her children moved to the United States to seek better economic conditions. Immigration and loss of cultural identity is a human issue we live with today.  Then, in her 90s, Gabina became an American immigrant herself – swearing to uphold the Constitution with brown, well-worked hands.  She passed away during the Covid pandemic.

The painting strives to capture the spirit of womanhood everywhere.  The struggle to overcome economic hardships, fight for equality, raise families, and to contribute to greater society intellectually, artistically, and humanistically.