Greetings!  I am an artist based in New York City.  My work dives deep into the American narrative seen through the lens of my Mexican (first generation) and German heritage.  Stylistically, I am heavily influenced by Mexican muralism, German expressionism, and sci-fi.  I like to express ideas about pop culture, retro-futurism, and fantasy.  To me, these are empowering spaces to be in during uncertain times.

Before pursing art full-time, I was a lawyer in Los Angeles and a single mother.  Art revived me after career burnout.  During Covid, I spent a lot of time in Central and South America – teaching English and working on my Spanish. I loved learning about the points of convergence and differences between Latin American countries.

I am largely self-taught and am always looking for new ways to express images and ideas.  I use paper, acrylic paint, acrylic markers, oil pastels, oil paint, and gold leafing. I usually work by starting with an idea or story and then moving towards an expression. I borrow from a number of sources – pushing and pulling with the canvas.  I work with different opacities to layer images over other images until I have a finished composition.  Sometimes a painting can take an afternoon – and sometimes a painting can take several months and redos before I’m done.  I am not afraid to paint over a work until it feels right.  I love to incorporate fluorescent paints with traditional painting techniques to create changing looks under different types of light.   I want to convey ideas of digital life, subtle facial expressions, and changing moods and environments.

I love film, fashion, Day of the Dead, the Mexican Revolution, electronic music, horror, nature, and art history — these things frequently bleed into my work in interesting ways.