Narratives #1

Narratives #1 (2022) - $2500

*This work is one of a kind. However, the artist reserves the right to make limited editions or designs in the future based on a digital copy of the work.

“In trying to justify the humanities, as in trying to live a life, what may turn out to matter most is holding one's nerve." - Stephen Collini

Acrylic on Canvas
30” width x 40” height x 1.5” depth
Matte Surface

In Narratives #2, a disturbed Gustave Courbet [a reference to Courbet’s The Desperate Man] wanders through a street strewn with remnants of things we used to know.

In front of the church – based on a dilapidated church in East Village, New York – a ghostly monk negotiates existence with a specter. The negotiating represents the practice of law and mediation. At the table, a decrepit old woman sits ready to take tickets to a 1950s matinee. In front of the table, a crooked frame is missing a painting.

Behind the church – and connected by fluorescent lines like a cathedral – two elevated robots from an Asimov novel hold a sleeping man that references Rodin’s classic male figures, like The Thinker.

The work explores what it feels like to let go of old familiar ideas before finding ways to recontextualize them.

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