Time Traveling on Canvas: Valluna’s Artistic Visions

I’m a New York-based mixed media artist on the rise, looking for representation. My goal is to present my creative works in both physical and digital forms. While practicing law for 20 years, I continuously nurtured my passion for art. I quit my practice and formally began my journey as an artist by taking classes alongside my daughter in Los Angeles. Art has become my lifeline and healer as it energizes my creativity and provides a new path.

I believe strongly in the power of art to communicate across cultures and time periods. My work aims to connect with viewers on an emotional level through imaginative narratives. I explore the intersection of technology, history, and culture in our lives. While my paintings often reference the past, I seek the positivity in moving towards the future.

After developing as a traditional painter, I completed an intensive software engineering bootcamp to gain skills for engaging with digital art. This allows me to embrace opportunities like Digital Basel as a venue to share my artwork digitally as NFTs, in addition to physical paintings. Blockchain technology can provide provenance and traceability to combat forgeries. I am excited by the potential to build a worldwide community of collectors.

Artistic Vision
My work combines influences from Mexican muralists like Diego Rivera, German expressionist painters, and classic sci-fi/horror films. Recurring themes in my art include technology’s impact on humanity, the subjectivity of history and culture, the fluidity of identity, the power of relationships and dreams, and reconciling past and present realities.

Stylistically, I blend traditional painting techniques with the incorporation of fluorescent acrylic textures and digital elements. The fluorescent layers are often only visible under blacklight, creating a hidden futuristic dimension under the surface. My figures are painted in a romantic, whimsical style. The backgrounds often contain abstract patterns referencing technological infrastructure and the digital world.

I want my paintings to immerse viewers in imaginative spaces where old myths are recontextualized for the future. Even as we become increasingly technologically advanced, we cannot lose touch with our humanity, relationships, and ability to dream. My hope is to find positivity moving forward by revisiting narratives from our past.

La Mujer

La Mujer is a futuristic Edwardian portrait of a Latina woman in a surreal digital landscape. Fluorescent patterns below the surface explore accepting change over time. There are echoes of classics like Flash Gordon.

El Cyber Charro

El Cyber Charro portrays a Mexican freedom fighter stepping through a portal in traditional clothes blended with sci-fi elements. It conveys carrying nostalgia forward into unknown eras.

The Sisters

The Sisters examines bonds between people through whimsical ghostly characters. Abstract environmental structures in the background signify technological frameworks underlying society.

The Clone

The Clone depicts a female figure floating down a river, inspired by John Everett Millais’ Ophelia and the classic film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1976). To her right is a glitchy half-formed clone, representing fears of losing identity. Fluorescent textures show a hidden digital realm.

Narratives #2

Narratives #2 shows ghostly figures rising into a glowing futuristic city, reflecting on persistent fantasies. Deep sea creatures suggest the depths of dreams. Fluorescent colors allude to new frontiers.

Narratives #1

Narratives #1 depicts a disturbed figure wandering through relics of the past. Geometric patterns reference technology’s pervasiveness. The work explores letting go of old notions.