Show – Ninth Street Espresso

Mythological Narratives at 10 & B

August 19 – September 22, 2023 – MAP

EMMA D. ENRIQUEZ aka Valluna

While Artist Emma Enriquez’s work begins from a personal place, often a feeling, it inevitably extends into the collective, “I think connection is really important,” she says, and

*I think we’ve lost that and we need to find a way back to it.”

Her work sits at the intersection of technology, history, and culture. Combining German Expressionism with Mexican Muralism, she speaks to her German-Mexican lineage, and layers over it a love of classic sci-fi and horror – which conspire to create a unique spin on these traditional forms.

Her work often expresses imaginative scenes from remote eras (like the Mexican

Revolution). During her research, Enriquez noticed there are “a lot of parallels in what was going on [in the past] and what is going on today – a dismantling of grand narratives.”

She wonders, “what would it be like if there was a freedom fighter who stepped through a portal into today’s world?” Under the growing specter of an Al-dominated world, Enriquez playfully recasts her figures into an imagined digital-like realm; “I’m trying to find positivity in the future.” she says.

Hidden within her richly layered paintings is a kind of alternate dimension, quite different in tone and feel. When shown under a blue light, details are submerged and glowing fluorescent lines and patterns, once hidden in plain daylight, emerge. Her figurative imagery transforms into a more abstract and futuristic scene. From her work we can sense tension around the narratives and technology that separate us from one another. During an age that is characterized by isolation and fear, she presents us with portals into other worlds that might help us see our own in a new light.

– Marisa Malene